Geeks of Doom: Darkeva’s Top 10 UF & Horror Books of 2010

Greetings, readers :-)

If you’d like to read my Top 10 Urban Fantasy and Horror Books of 2010, hop over to Geeks of Doom here and check it out :-)


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8 thoughts on “Geeks of Doom: Darkeva’s Top 10 UF & Horror Books of 2010”

  1. Loved your list! I’ve read the first 3 books in the Jocelyn Drake Dark Days series but haven’t gotten caught up with the last two, I need to do that! I loved Jenny Pox and As lie the Dead as well:) I have the Changeless series on my list too, so many books to read!

    1. Hi Jenny, glad you enjoyed the list! You definitely need to read the Drake books that came out this year :-) Thanks for checking it out! :-)

  2. I enjoyed your list, Anita! I still need to read some of the books that you have listed (especially Way of Kings). Can’t wait to read them all, and I agree with the ones I have read! :D

    1. Hiya! Not too bad; pretty busy, trying to get into the groove of things. Lots of stuff to plan, reviews to type out ;-) How about you?

      1. Oh coolies1
        It’s just that you hadn’t posted in some time and I was wondering there was something wrong, you know?
        I am glad you are ok and busy! XD

        1. Hey Kelly! Yeah, I’m just in the middle of doing a bunch of reviews for other sites, and author tours, interviews, etc — I’m still trying to keep up the pace, though ;-)


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