WiHM Feature #3: Jovanka Vuckovic

Jovanka Vuckovic

Notable Quote:

I’d love to think that there will be total equality in the horror community some day but there will always be those lug heads that make it difficult for us. The guys who feel they need to comment about a woman’s appearance on message boards or ask for nude photos. That happened to me quite a lot. Some people are just ignorant and that will unfortunately never change. The trend here is objectification. Whether you make a horror movie, run a magazine, write horror fiction or make horror music, there will always be that handful of people out there that want to reduce your value as a contributor by making comments about the way you look while they’re commenting on what you do. This rarely happens to men. Their work is judged solely on the merits of the work….It’s great to see more women who believe they don’t have to take their clothes off to be a contributing member of the horror community.

(From an interview with Fatallyyours.com by Sarah Jahier, February 17, 2010)

Jovanka Vuckovic is like the patron saint of women in horror. Fearnet called her the DieVinci of the genre. In many ways, I feel as though she paved the way for more female horror journalists, fought to ensure that Rue Morgue Magazine (which she helmed until 2009) gave serious coverage to other women in the field, and inspired me to get further into the genre. Her portions of the documentary, Pretty Bloody: The Women of Horror (2009) were among the most interesting. One of my favourite parts is when one of her former co-workers described the hilarity that ensued when he saw men talking down to Jovanka at conventions, questioning her cred, only to get his ass kicked when he saw just how encyclopedic her knowledge is. She’s an inspiration to us all, and although no longer involved with Rue Morgue, continues to be one of the most influential and amazing women in horror, period.

Interesting interviews:
Fatally Yours (2010)
CinemainCTV (video interview) (2008)
Horrornews.net (2010)
Fearnet (2011)
Bloody Disgusting (December 2005)
Axwound Zine (2008)
Blood and Vegetables (2011)

What to Read First: Zombies: An Illustrated History of the Undead (2011, St. Martin’s Press)

Notable Works:
* The Captured Bird (film)
* Pretty Bloody: The Women of Horror (2009)

Fun Facts:
* Canadian
* Married to tattoo artist and Redeemer lead singer Shane Faulkner.
* First film that scared her as a child was “The Masque of the Red Death” as well as “The Exorcist.”
* Studied forensic anthropology
* Worked for the CBC for years as a digital effects artist
* Blade Runner is her all time favourite film
* Some of her favourite people to meet through Rue Morgue include Guillermo del Toro and Clive Barker
* Is also involved in film-making

Career Highlights:
* Helmed Rue Morgue Magazine until 2009
* Won a Gemini award for Best Visual Effects when she worked at CBC
* Gaining a lot of film festival buzz and attention for The Captured Bird

What she’s working on now: planning more books, both fiction and non-fiction. “I can’t stop writing,” she says. “It’s in my blood.”

Find Jovanka on Twitter and on her blog.

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    1. Thanks, Marcie! I’ve been dying to find a copy since I saw it air on TV and even asked the filmmakers but didn’t get a response; if you’re in Canada, the Space Channel airs it from time to time, and I’m sure some American networks must, as well, so I would say that’s your best bet. There’s not even any great clips of it on YouTube, which sucks–someone needs to tell the filmmakers that we want this DVD! lol

      Thanks for stopping by!

  1. I’ll definitely check out the Space Channel for this. I really wish they’d release this too!

    Loving your Women in Horror Month coverage and thanks for the help :)

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