WiHM Feature #11: Gabrielle Faust

Gabrielle Faust

Notable quote:

“The first vampire novel that truly engaged me thoroughly and inspired my life-long obsession with the genre was Anne Rice’s Interview With the Vampire. My mother gave me her well-read copy when I was eleven and I was instantly hooked. Around the same time I discovered Brian Lumley’s Necromancer series. I wouldn’t say that either was THE book that made me want to write within that genre, but they were the catalyst that started the evolution of my intense interest. After years of studying the folklore, history, sociology, as well as indulging in the literary side of the culture, it seemed only natural that I would begin my writing career in the genre I was so loyal to. I wanted to tell the tale that I myself had not yet read…”

(From an interview with Vampire Love Affair, 2011)

Gabrielle Faust is one of the coolest chicks on the horror scene, and not just because of her righteous goth-inspired look. And come on, that has got to be one of the most badass last names to have as a horror writer (and it’s actually her real last name! So cool) ;-) Her writing is dark and edgy, and dares you to like it. Her work in the genre spans many roles, not just that of writer–she’s also been an illustrator, graphic designer, model, and has been the guest of honour or special guest as several events. If you haven’t read her books, or aren’t sure where to start, or if you’ve heard of her for years but just haven’t gotten around to checking out any of her writing so far, do yourself a favour and pick up on of her works. You won’t be disappointed. Whether you’re a fan of dark poetry, she’s got something for you, or if you like creepy vampire novels she’s also got books for that, and my personal favourite, she’s also got demons, now, with her latest release, Revenge with Solomon Schneider, put out by Barking Rain Press at the end of last year. Do yourself a favour and check out some of her incredible writing.

Interesting interviews:
For a complete list of Gabrielle Faust’s past interviews, please visit this link.

Pretty Scary
Fear Zone
Horror World
SNM Horror Magazine
Rigor Mortis
The Dark Phantom

What to Read First: From Deep Within the Earth, the first book in the Eternal Vigilance series.

Notable Works:
Before Icarus, After Achilles (poetry collection) (2005, PublishAmerica)
From Deep Within the Earth (Eternal Vigilance Book 1) (2008, Immanion Press)
The Death of Illusions (Eternal Vigilance Book 2) (2009, Immanion Press)
Bound in Blood (Eternal Vigilance Book 3) (2010, Immanion Press)
Crossroads (poetry collection) (2009, Seraphemera Books)
Regret (2010, Dark Regions Press)
Revenge (2011, Barking Rain Press)

Fun Facts:
* Also an illustrator and entertainment critic
* Also a musician (for more about her music, read this interview)
* Worked as a graphic designer for years in the advertising and boutique design agency world
* Edits horror newsletter The Bloodied Quill w/ Michele Lee
* Dubbed “New Orleans Vampire Royalty” at the Tru Blood & Gold vampire ball
* Has also modelled
* Not a fan of the more “stripped down” sparkly vampires of late
* Some of her favourite books include Wraeththu by Storm Constantine, Dawn Song by Michael Marano, Memnoch the Devil by Anne Rice (also one of my favourites), Ilium by Dan Simmons, and Neuromancer by William Gibson
* Also a fan of comic books
* Keeps 3 calendars to track her various activities
* Fan of Cirque du Soleil
* Big fan of the vampire Lestat

Career Highlights:
* Guest of Honour of the “Queen of the Damned” Vampire Ball in New Orleans (2008)
* Special Guest (w/ Charlaine Harris) at the Endless Night Festival (2009)
* Special Author Guest at New Orleans UnDeadCon
* Appeared at the 2011 Endless Night steampunk vampire masquerade ball
* Her work (both as an author and illustrator) has appeared in Girls & Corpses Magazine, GUD Magazine, Doorways Magazine, The Open Vein, Darkened Horizons, Ladies of Horror and The Bloodied Quill, as well as the websites Fear Zone, SCI FI Wire and Fatally Yours.
* Active in the Horror Writers Association, SCARE for a CURE, SXSW Music & Film Festivals and the Association of Writers & Writing Programs.
* Preliminary graphic designer for the 2011 World Horror Convention in Austin, Texas, developing the iconic logo and promotional materials for the convention.
* A recipient of the 2011 Texas Social Media Awards.
* Longlisted for the 2009 Bram Stoker Award in the “Superior Achievement in a Novel” category

What she’s working on now: Gabrielle Faust is actively promoting her latest release, Revenge, co-written with Solomon Schneider, and is travelling across the USA doing promotional appearances. She’ll also be at a number of conventions, including the World Horror Convention 2012 in Salt Lake City, Utah next month. She’s also had some film interest for an adaptation of Eternal Vigilance, and began excerpting the fourth book in this series online last year. For a full list of her scheduled events, click this link.

Find her on Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace.

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