Darkeva’s Dark Discoveries Vol. 5

Darkeva’s Dark Discoveries Volume 5:

Darkeva’s Reviews This Week:
* I dropped by awesome horror blog, Wag the Fox, where I wrote a guest post on my top 5 horror anthology and collection picks.
* I did a book review of Spellbound by Kelley Armstrong in anticipation of her new release, The Thirteen, forthcoming at the end of this month. I can’t wait! :-)
* I also did a book review of horror short story collection Little Deaths by John Taff, which is up on Hellnotes here.
* Zombie fans, you’ll definitely want to pick up Machines of the Dead by David Bernstein, which I reviewed here.

Darkeva’s Dark Fiction Picks of the Week:

I heard about Hair Side, Flesh Side, a forthcoming title from ChiZine Publications, coming out in November of this year. The plot is highly intriguing, and the author has received wide praise. I hope to be able to review this title.

Here’s the publisher’s description:
A child receives the body of Saint Lucia of Syracuse for her seventh birthday. A rebelling angel rewrites the Book of Judgement to protect the woman he loves. A young woman discovers the lost manuscript of Jane Austen written on the inside of her skin. A 747 populated by a dying pantheon makes the extraordinary journey to the beginning of the universe. Lyrical and tender, quirky and cutting, Helen Marshall’s exceptional debut collection weaves the fantastic and the horrific alongside the touchingly human in fifteen modern parables about history, memory, and cost of creating art.

Darkeva’s Event Picks of the Week:
The Shirley Jackson Award winners for 2011 were announced this past weekend. Here are the results.

Hellnotes reminds us that on Wednesday July 18th at 7 p.m., Dark Delicacies will present a great day of signings with two New York Times Bestselling authors. First, at 3:00p.m. Chuck Palahniuk will be signing his latest book Invisible Monsters Remix. He will be followed at 7:00p.m. by Dan Wells who will be signing his book The Hollow City.

Darkeva’s Picks for Buzzed About Topics of the Week:
Richard Godwin interviewed current HWA president Rocky Wood, which featured some fascinating discussion points. You can read that exchange here.

Horror writers, rejoice! The crème de la crème of horror publications, Cemetery Dance, is opening to submissions again later this year (hold your horses, they’re not quite open yet ;-)), but be on the look-out for when that official announcement is made and they open the floodgates once again.

Kelli Owen posted a must-read interview with acclaimed horror writer Lee Thomas here. This write-up contains some of the best advice you will ever read as a writer–if you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, please do so.

So there you have it, readers! This concludes another edition of Darkeva’s Dark Discoveries–I hope you enjoyed it, and come back again next week to get your horror fix!

Happy reading!

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