New Orleans Reading Challenge 2013


When I heard that fellow blogger Midnyte Reader was doing a New Orleans reading challenge, I knew I had to be part of it and sign up! I’m a bit new to reading challenges, and this is the first one I’ve signed up for in a good while, but I’m looking forward to it! I’m also a big fan of many nonfiction books about New Orleans and have read my fair share for research. One of them, which is one of my prized possessions, is New Orleans Cemeteries, and it’s pretty self-explanatory as the title suggests, but it has beautiful photography as well as interesting historical details about each of the wonderful and mysterious cemeteries that New Orleans houses.

I’m also going to consider possibly including some travel guides, as I’ve read a heap of them, and perhaps rating which ones are the best depending on which purpose you’re going for, for example if you want a guide that focuses on the culture of New Orleans from music to food to architecture and beyond, National Geographic Traveler: New Orleans is an excellent guidebook.

Most likely I’ll be reading up on supernatural works of fiction set in New Orleans and Louisiana beyond the Anne Rice’s and Charlaine Harris’s that line my bookshelves ;-) I’ve been itching to read author Greg Herren’s books for a good while now, and this challenge is a great excuse to do that :-)

As for the level that I’m going to try to achieve for this challenge, I don’t know if I’ll be able to go for the full monty and go for Voodoo Queen, which involves reading 13-16 books, so I will play it safe for now and go for Gator status, which involves 1-4 books. The number might increase by the time the challenge ends in December of this year, but I look forward to diving in and hopefully making some awesome reading recommendations :-)

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3 thoughts on “New Orleans Reading Challenge 2013”

    1. Thanks, Midnyte! :-) There’s sooo much to do in New Orleans, it’ll be a good educational experience for me to make a list of must-see items, which is in the 100s right now ;-)


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