Book Review: The Cure by MC Foley

the cure mc foley cover

The Cure
by MC Foley
Poe Books
June 17, 2012
$2.99 (Kindle)
$7.27 (paperback)
179 pages
Review copy received from the author in exchange for an honest review

Plot Description:

Los Angeles. 2012. After a beaten-down, sickly cog visits a faith healer, she develops a dark wish fulfillment power that stokes her appetite for sex and vigilante-style revenge.

Plagued by a crushing illness that no doctor can seem to diagnose or cure, dejected-Hollywood-working-stiff, Evan MacKenna, takes a friend’s advice and visits a faith healer who lives in the hills. “Everything changed after I saw Agatha,” assures her friend, Jimmy. “I survived. You will too.” What seems like an other-worldly miracle, restoring Evan to the most virile and healthy version of herself, soon shifts to something darker. Evan does not just feel The Cure… she feels it… transforming her… into something else entirely.

“The illness, the one that almost killed me, or almost killed my soul, was also the thing that brought me here. A new home in my city of angels. Heads on stakes. Enemies impaled. All of this revenge surrounding what used to elude me – Power. Until now. One visit to the bird streets and everything changed. They say absolute power corrupts. Absolutely. Yes, it does.”

Splashes of dark humor. Adults only.

MC Foley’s The Cure is about a disturbed woman, Evan, who, after a bout of sickness and visiting a faith healer, finds out that she suddenly has this newfound ability to pronounce something out loud, for example “I want my coworker Wendy to get hurt and suffer in a horrible accident” and then it comes true. She then also hopes that a rapist in the community gets caught and that vicious things happen to him in prison, and it turns out to be a co-worker who she was hoping would sleep with her, which makes for an uncomfortable closeness. She knows that what she has wished has come to fruition, and it will just get worse for Evan in terms of the nasty people she encounters.

She also has a tumultuous and rocky relationship with her on again/off again boyfriend, Jimmy, who she gets, shall we say, “adventurous” with on more than a few occasions, and often against her better judgment, but she can’t help herself.

She has a sympathetic landlord, Brooks, so it’s nice to see Evan has at least some forces for the good in her life, as well as her sister and brother who she hears from. But there’s one particular princess with a capital “p” in Evan’s building who Evan aims some particularly harsh words toward, as well as a crooked mobster, Sergei, who helped to pay princess’s rent even though she should have been evicted. They end up causing Evan a lot of grief, but things turn out interestingly in the end.

Overall, it’s a short but memorable read, although readers would do well to heed the “Adults only” part of the description, as The Cure is heavy on the coarse language, violence, and sexual content. It’s a highly charged story that moves forward at a breakneck speed, but it will definitely leave horror and dark fiction fans with a lasting impact.

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