Stupefying Tales – October 2012

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I recently had the opportunity to check out the October 2012 issue of Stupefying Tales, which features fiction from fellow horror blogger and reviewer extraordinaire (and fellow Canadian) Gef Fox!

Here’s the description of the Halloween issue:

Edited by award-winning writer Bruce Bethke and featuring stories by ten outstanding new authors, the STUPEFYING STORIES “Halloween” edition is chock-full of all-new tales of vampires, werewolves, mummies, mad scientists, evil aliens, living fossils, and strange little towns where no one and nothing are as they seem. Featuring “Father Pace” by Samuel Marzioli, “A Wolf Like Leroy” by Gef Fox, “King of the Giant Monsters” by Michael D. Turner, “Darcy and the Gill-man” by David C. Pinnt, “Dark Illusions” by Evan Dicken, “Legacy of an Unwanted Titan” by Ryan Creel, “The Wrong Side of the Rainbow” by Bill Bibo Jr., “On Main Street, After Closing Time” by S. R. Algernon, “Night Shift of the Living Dead” by Tyler Tork, and “Our New Benevolent Overlords” by Andrew Kozma.

From a movie studio in downtown Tokyo to an awesome battle for control of the world, from a terrifying moment in a church confessional to the astonishing revelation that even vampires fear mortgage bankers, you’ll find it in this edition of STUPEFYING STORIES!

Even though Halloween is over and there’s still a long way to go until it comes around again this year, Stupefying Stories has a great issue that can be enjoyed any time of the year, and it contains some highly entertaining reading.

Gef’s story is called “A Wolf Like Leroy” and starts off in a hilarious, attention-grabbing manner with our protagonist, Keith, chatting up a waitress in a diner only to have his awkward brother, Leroy, screw everything up by sniffing at her like a dog.

The brothers are somewhat estranged and newly reunited in Halifax for their mother’s funeral. Leroy is, as the title suggests, a werewolf. And as such, he has a particularly strong nose when it comes to sniffing out pretty much anything, including other werewolves, and he is convinced he’s smelled an “evil” one nearby, and that a trucker is in danger at the same motel they’re staying at. Tensions escalate, the action ramps up, and in the end, this is a fun urban fantasy piece, but it also features some great characterization with the feelings of both brothers, and the conflict between them.

It’s only $1.99 for the Barnes and Noble Nook, or one cent cheaper on for the Kindle edition, so really, you can’t go wrong for such good fiction at such a low price! ;-)

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2 thoughts on “Stupefying Tales – October 2012”

  1. Glad you enjoyed the issue, particularly my story. I recently read the December edition, which was dedicated to end-of-the-world stories, and was another strong outing from the Stupefying Stories gang.

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