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The Burning Time
by JG Faherty
JournalStone Publishing
$16.95 (Paperback)comes with a free electronic copy of the book
$6.00 (electronic)
January 18, 2013
274 Pages
Review copy received from the author in exchange for an honest book review.
Full Disclosure: I organized this blog tour for JG Faherty and arranged the other blog tour stops.

Plot Description:

An ancient evil has come to Hastings Mills, and only one man can stop it.
Wherever The Stranger goes, evil follows. Wild dogs roam the fields. Townspeople turn on each other in murderous fury. Innocent women throw themselves off bridges. Swimmers disappear, victims of a deadly beast that haunts their waters. And the worst is still yet to come. The Stranger plans to open a gateway to the nether realms and release the Elder Gods to bring forth Chaos on Earth.

Only one man knows the truth, a country mage whose family has fought The Stranger before. But can he defeat his ageless enemy before Hastings Mills is nothing but a smoking ruin and the townspeople become unwilling blood sacrifices to the Old Ones? With only the help of a young woman and her teenage son, he will have to use all of his arcane knowledge to thwart his adversary and prevent the final apocalypse.
In Hastings Mills, The Burning Time has arrived.

In horror author JG Faherty’s Lovecraft-inspired tale of terror, The Burning Time, readers will find Cthulu monsters, evil preachers in disguise, The Trickster mythology, and one man, a mage, whose mission it is to protect a small town from the encroaching terrors that are about to devour it whole. The conflict set up between this book’s evil preacher, Cyrus Christian, and the mage, John, who comes from a long line of “natural” witches who use earth’s properties for their work, makes for an interesting and entertaining read, especially when we learn that their pasts are more tangled together than old necklaces that just won’t separate. Cyrus fools the townspeople of Hasting Mills into pledging their allegiance to him in the name of God when the reality is they’re giving power to the Elder Gods. Sneaky fellow that Cyrus is, he manifests in alarming and deceptive ways. Women start throwing themselves off bridges and into water. People suddenly hate each other and become very violent. Things are getting all shook up in the small town, but it’s not your standard “lone gunslinger goes in, slays the dragon, saves the townspeople, and becomes a hero, the end” kind of tale.

For one thing, John has seen firsthand the damage that The Stranger can do, and is determined never to let it happen again. What he wasn’t counting on was to fall in love with a local woman, Danni, who takes care of her street-smart but misunderstood younger brother, Mitch.

If you’re a fan of good old-fashioned supernatural evil hellbent on the destruction of the Earth and you can’t get enough of H.P. Lovecraft, chances are you’ll enjoy The Burning Time, which culminates in an exciting and suspense-filled stand-off between the forces of good and evil, and the resolution makes it clear that sometimes the proverbial dragon doesn’t always go down easy. Sometimes, to quote from thrash metal band Toxic Holocaust, “evil never dies.”

This blog tour post is in support of J.G. Faherty’s blog tour for The Burning Time. Stay tuned to this page to find the links to his tour stops, which will be added as they go live on each blogger’s site.

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