Horror Reviews

Alves, CarlBlood Street
Anderson, Paul (Ed.)Torn Realities
Beresford, AlexanderCharla
Bernstein, DavidRelic of Death
Bernstein, DavidThe Tree Man
Bernstein, DavidDamaged Souls
Bernstein, DavidMachines of the Dead
Bernstein, DavidTears of No Return and Amongst the Dead
Bernstein, DavidMachines of the Dead 2
Bernstein, DavidWitch Island
Booth, Roy C. and Riley, Thomas R.The Flesh of Fallen Angels
Brock, Jason V.; Nolan, William F. (Eds)The Devil’s Coattails
Bryan, J.L. Jenny Pox
Bryan, J.L.The Haunted E-Book
Bullion, Glenn
Bundschuh, MasonPiercing the Veil
Bunn, Cullen – Crooked Hills (young adult)
Burton, David H.
Cairns, Sean
Calvillo, Michael Louis7 Brains
Calvillo, Michael LouisLambs
Cavender, R.J.; Scioneaux, Mark; Wilson, Robert S., Eds.Horror for Good
Cesare, AdamSummer Job, The
Cesare, AdamTribesmen
Cesare, AdamVideo Night
Chamberlin, AdrianCaretakers, The
Chandler, RandyBad Juju
Christian, AutumnA Gentle Hell
Ciccarone, Marc, ed.Rock ‘N’ Roll is Dead
Clark, R.J.Rift, The
Clarke, CraigLiving After Midnight
Cody, RichardDarker Corners
Cutter, NickTroop, The
Daniels, James; Goldberg, Lee; Rabkin, William: Dead Man: Ring of Knives
Datlow, EllenWild Justice
Devon, Joseph
Dillard, DanHow to Eat a Human Being
Dillon, Theresa, ed. Unspeakable
Dilouie, Craig
Emmett, Michael
Erdelac, EdThe Merkabah Rider
Essig, Robert (Ed.)
Ethridge, Benjamin KaneBlack and Orange
Ethridge, Benjamin KaneNomads (Black & Orange #2)
Ethridge, Benjamin KaneBottled Abyss
Ethridge, Benjamin KaneDungeon Brain
Faherty, JGCarnival of Fear
Faherty, JGBurning Time, The
Faust, Gabrielle; Schneider, SolomonRevenge
Ferguson, Anthony (Ed.)
Foley, MCThe Cure
Forsyth, Michael C.
Freeland, Richard S.
French, A.J., ed. Monk Punk
Furtney, B.C.
Gavin, AndyThe Darkening Dream
Genesse, Paul (Ed.)The Crimson Pact, Vol. I & II
Grant, MiraFeed
Grant, MiraDeadline
Green, Carrie
Griffith, Kathryn M.
Guignard, Eric J., Ed.Dark Tales of Lost Civilization
Guignard, Eric J., Ed.After Death
Gurley, J.E.
Harte, A.M.
Hill, Joe
Hilliard, D. NathanShades: Eight Tales of Terror
Hornor, John JacobsSouthern Gods
Hose, Carl
Howard, Lee Allen
Hutton, Frank J. (Ed.)Tattered Souls II
Jackson, Eric A.A Blind Eye to the Rearview
Jones, K. TrapThe Sinner
Jones, Richard RhysDivision of the Damned, The
Kessler, Alan S.A Satan Carol
Kozlowski, JanDie, You Bastard, Die!
Kusptis, Ken (Ed.)Masters of Horror: Damned if You Don’t
Kurtz, EdBleed
Lane, Leigh M.Finding Poe
Lee, EdwardWitch Water
Lindqvist, John A.Harbor
Lockheart, Ross E. (Ed.)Tales of Jack the Ripper
Lowe, Helen
Lyon, JamesKiss of the Butterfly
Magill, E.S.; Marrs, Chris; McCoy, Angel Leigh, Eds.Deep Cuts: Mayhem, Menace & Misery
Malerman, JoshBird Box
Mallows, Wayne
Marshall, HelenHair Side, Flesh Side
McBean, Brett
McKinney, Joe
Michael, David
Moreland, BrianDead of Winter
Moreland, BrianGirl from the Blood Coven, The
Moreland, BrianWitching House, The
Moreland, BrianDevil’s Woods, The
Moreland, BrianVagrants, The
Morgan, LouBlood & Feathers (Book 1)
Morgan, LouRebellion (Book 2, Blood & Feathers)
Newman, James
Niles, Steve
O’Neill, F. Kim
O’Neill, Gene and Rollo, GordMean Streets
Palisano, JohnNerves
Parker, LaraAngelique’s Descent: Dark Shadows
Pepper, AdamBuried a Man I Hated there
Pepper, AdamSkin Games
Pepper, AdamSymphony of Blood
Petrucha, Stefan
Piccirilli, TomEvery Shallow Cut
Piccirilli, TomThe Last Kind Words
Pill Hill Press
Polson, Aaron
Pyper, AndrewThe Demonologist
Rae, DinaHalo of the Damned
Red, EricDon’t Stand So Close
Reynolds, GraemeHigh Moor
Reynolds, GraemeHigh Moor 2: Moonstruck
Ridler, JasonDeath Match
Ridler, JasonBlood & Sawdust
Ridler, JasonA Triumph for Sakura
Rogers, IanDeadstock
Rowe, MichaelEnter, Night
Rowe, MichaelWild Fell
Russell, Daniel I.
Sandman, JaredBlackstone
Sandusky, Ian
Shipp, Jeremy C.Attic Clowns
Silva, David Through Shattered Glass
Stableford, Brian
Swartwood, Robert
Taff, John F.D.Little Deaths
Talley, Brian J.
Thompson, LeeAs I Embrace My Jagged Edges
Thompson, LeeWhen We Join Jesus in Hell
Thompson, LeeGossamer
Valentinelli, Monica, Ed.Haunted: 11 Tales of Ghostly Horror
Vernon, SteveGypsy Blood
Ward, ChrisMan Who Built the World, The
Wilbanks, David T.Hellfighter
Wood, K. AllenShock Totem Holiday Tales
Wood, Simon
Wright, RichardThy Fearful Symmetry
Yardley, Mercedes M.Nameless (Book 1, Bone Angel Trilogy)
Yardley, Mercedes M.Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu
Yardley, Mercedes M.Beautiful Sorrows
Zapata, Angel
Zombie, Rob; Evenson, B.K.Lords of Salem, The

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