Urban Fantasy

Urban Fantasy Reviews

Armstrong, KelleyWaking the Witch
Armstrong, KelleySpellbound
Armstrong, KelleyThirteen
Berryhill, ShaneBad Mojo (Book 1, Zora Banks)
Burton, L.A.
Butcher, Jim. Side Jobs: An Anthology of the Dresden Files
Clark, NaomiDemonized
Desteffano, Merrie
Donovan, PatrickDemon Jack
Drake, Jocelynn. Pray for Dawn.
Drake, Jocelynn. Wait for Dusk.
Green, Simon R. A Hard Day’s Knight
Hamilton, Laurell K. Bullet.
Harrison, Kim. Black Magic Sanction
Harrison, Kim. Pale Demon
Hunter, Faith. Skinwalker
Johnson, SuzanneRoyal Street
Johnson, SuzanneRiver Road
Kadrey, RichardKill the Dead
Kadrey, RichardAloha from Hell
Kadrey, RichardDevil Said Bang
Kadrey, RichardKill City Blues
Merz, Jon F.
O’Connell, BishopStolen, The
Pettersson, Vicki. Cheat the Grave
Pettersson, Vicki – The Neon Graveyard
Phoenix, AdrianBlack Dust Mambo
Phoenix, AdrianBlack Heart Loa
Poitevin, LindaSins of the Son
Poitevin, LindaSins of the Angels
Priest, CherieBloodshot
Skorkowsky, SethDamoren (Valducan, Book 1)
Sniegoski, ThomasWhere Angels Fear to Tread
Sniegoski, ThomasA Hundred Words for Hate
Sniegoski, ThomasIn the House of the Wicked
Sniegoski, ThomasWalking in the Midst of Fire
Violante, MariaHunting in Hell
Westendarp, J.J.

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